Conditions for Accessing and Using the Website

The present terms and conditions of use establish the rules and obligations for accessing and using the J.J.Louro Pereira website and are available at www.jjlouro.pt or www.jjlouro.com.

1. Ownership of the Domain

The domains jjlouro.pt and jjlouro.com have been registered in accordance with the .PT Domain Registration Regulations and are owned by .J.Louro Pereira S.A., Corporate Income tax No. 501135227, head office at Rua Dr. Carlos Nunes Ferreira, 2025-012 Abrã, Amiais de Cima.

2. Acceptance

a) J.J.Louro Pereira offers content pertaining to text, comments, messages, information, photos, informative or news articles, illustrations, audio and video located on the website, under condition of acceptance, without reservation, of the conditions or modifications of the present terms and conditions of use.

b) You may at any time read the updated version of the Conditions by clicking on “Terms and Conditions of Use.”

3. Content

a) The domains jjlouro.pt and jjlouro.com are used to provide information on the activity of J.J.Louro Pereira and its brands in line with promoting and developing its business and disclosing employment opportunities, information regarding its activity, products and brands, its community and those depending on it, for the sake of proper, serious and appropriate use by interested parties.

b) J.J.Louro Pereira shall not be responsible for any damages resulting from improper interpretation of any of the contents of jjlouro.pt and jjlouro.com, the latter which are not opinions of a professional, legal or other nature, and we recommend consulting a duly qualified professional whenever specific counsel is required regarding any matters included therein.

4. Copyright and Industrial Property

a) All contents and pages available on the websites under the domains jjlouro.pt and jjlouro.com are licensed or operated in a manner that is authorised by J.J.Louro Pereira, and belong to J.J.Louro Pereira.

b) The User recognizes that contents belonging to .J.Louro Pereira are protected by copyright and related rights and all other applicable legislation. J.J.Louro Pereira shall not tolerate any violation of intellectual or industrial property rights, or personality and/or third party property rights.

c) All contents and services made available by jjlouro.pt and jjlouro.com are the property of J.J.Louro Pereira or third parties that have authorized their use on the websites and are protected under applicable national and international legislation and regulations.

d) All copies, imitations, modifications, reproductions, diffusions, transmissions, sales, publications, distributions or uses, commercially or non-commercially, without specific authorization shall be forbidden.

e) J.J.Louro Pereira authorizes Users to view, print, download and store the contents of informative and news texts, as long as they are used for personal, professional or public purposes of a non-commercial nature and are unable to cause damage to J.J.Louro Pereira and as long as no modifications or changes are made and the source and website address of the specific content is mentioned.

5. Personal Data and Confidentiality

User privacy is important to J.J.Louro Pereira. Please read the J.J.Louro Pereira privacy policy carefully.

6. Cookies

jjlouro.pt and jjlouro.com use cookies for the sake of improving and personalizing experiences. If you wish to deactivate this function, thereby deleting or blocking cookies on your computer, consult the “cookies policy” of .J.Louro Pereira.

7. Disclaimer

a) This website was designed in accordance with the best technical quality available. J.J.Louro Pereira does not guarantee that there will be no interruption or disturbance of service, nor loss of information, technical failures pertaining to capturing or viewing, incapacitation of use for any reason, inexistence of files or formats free of errors or computer viruses, nor does it guarantee continuity of content.

b) Whenever such occurs, J.J.Louro Pereira shall rapidly normalize the operation of the services, while refusing all responsibility for damages, material or non-material, resulting from correct or incorrect access to or use of jjlouro.pt and jjlouro.com

c) The present disclaimer has not been made to limit the liability of J.J.Louro Pereira in a manner that runs counter to applicable legislation, nor does it serve to exclude such liability whenever such exclusion is not legally permitted.

8. Complaints

If you have any difficulties in accessing or browsing the jjlouro.pt and jjlouro.com websites you can submit a complaint with the reason for the complaint stipulated in the subject field of the message. All responses shall be sent to the e-mail address supplied by the User.

9. Updating

a) Information included in the present terms and conditions is subject to constant updating by J.J.Louro Pereira.

b) J.J.Louro Pereira reserves the right to change, edit or delete, in whole or in part, the present Conditions, as well as establish new conditions of use. Such changes or amendments to the Conditions shall take effect once they are disclosed on the website.

10. Applicable Legislation and Court of Jurisdiction

Portuguese rule of law shall apply to all matters arising from the present conditions. The Lisbon District Court shall have jurisdiction over any legal dispute arising from interpretation or application of the present terms and conditions.