People are our most valuable asset, which we must cherish and protect

Support and create a culture of solidarity in the communities that are close to us.

We have always fostered a very strong sense of teamwork in relation to the community we are a part of and which we call “our” community. We are concerned with creating support networks and conditions for improving it.

Social initiatives

Fully aware of our role in the community, we have sought to be part of campaigns and initiatives of solidarity in the region aimed at fighting socio-economic hardship.

Internal actions

As part of our family culture, we are concerned with developing relationships and fostering the well-being of everyone. On an annual basis, it is essential for us to show our appreciation for the work and dedication of our staff.

Access to education

In line with our goal to help our community grow, we built and inaugurated an elementary school and a nursery school in Amiais de Cima in 2007. Likewise, we also created a daycare available to all Group employees, in order to improve the balance between work and family.



For a better future with more life and more harmony.


Help those who need it most

We are dedicated to supporting charity institutions and underprivileged families through the donation of furniture, always with the aim of offering better living conditions.


Training and educating for the future

We continue to be mindful of educational needs among the younger members of our community. We want to stay involved in ways of improving vocational training and education.


Inclusion and social diversity

We promote and encourage diversity of cultures and ethnicities. We always encourage and believe in the potential of every individual.

Helping those who come from far away to work with us find a home for themselves and their family will always be a priority for us.

Initiatives in the Community

Activities that help us fulfil our commitments to the community.