Our Planet: a concern that we all should have.

Preserving the environment is essential.

Because of our ongoing operations, our factories produce several tonnes of waste. As we are fully aware of this impact, we have developed solutions and new uses for this waste.


Waste Management

Excess foam from the production of our mattresses is re-used to create composite material and fillings for new components for mattresses and upholstery. Wood waste is also channelled toward heating our own industrial units. In addition, our machines that are reaching the end of their life spans are restored and transformed into new devices used on our production lines.

Sustainable Materials

Fabric waste ensuing from the production of our upholstery and mattresses is sent to a partner that will transform it into a new material that will subsequently be used in our production. Wood waste resulting from our furniture production is collected and transformed into boards made of composite material and used in the production of future furniture.


Associated with the Green Point Waste and Packaging Integrated System (Sistema Integrado de Resíduos de Embalagens da Sociedade Ponto Verde), we seek to reduce our carbon footprint through the recycling of the excess materials that we produce. We renew our ecological targets annually to do more and better.

Three commitments for 2023

For a better future with more life and more green.


Use solar power

Stop depending on fossil fuels and take one more step toward fighting pollution.

We have set a goal for our future that involves using mostly solar power.


Increase re-usage of waste

Create a circular economy where all excess plastic is re-used in other areas.

Reduce waste and optimize production techniques in all sectors.


Energy Reduction Management Plan

Design and apply strategies so that we can better manage our energy waste and make our production more sustainable.

Environmental initiatives

Activities that allow us to fulfil our commitments to the environment.