A company with a history of doing things right

Since the beginning of our journey, we have developed and perfected techniques and new knowledge that combined with the latest technologies allow us to do quality work that we can be proud of.


J.J.Louro Pereira S.A. was founded by Commander Joaquim José Louro Pereira in 1980. In that year he began his business producing wooden chests, but due to market saturation and spurred by his vision and ambition, he embarked on an expansion strategy that involved producing wooden furniture.


In 1987 the company began producing sofas as a means of expanding its line of products for the home.


The 1990s were a period of enormous growth and investment for J.J.Louro Pereira Group. In 1991 the first J.J.Louro Mattress Production Unit was created, thereby expanding the Group’s core activities. In 1992 it began producing chairs at its Moita Móveis Chair Production Unit and the Group took its first steps towards the furniture market with the creation of Lourogest.


After a few years of stabilization and consolidation of its investments, 1997 saw J.J.Louro Pereira Group increase its mattress production, establishing the company Lusocolchão, which added a new dimension to all of the work it had done until now. This new company, exclusively dedicated to manufacturing mattresses, added extra depth to the Group’s business and bolstered its ongoing investment in innovation and quality. Subsequently, in 1998 the Group once again expanded its operations when it established the J.J. Louro Wood Cutting Unit. This allowed for even greater control over the raw materials the company used and helped guarantee that all its products were always of the best possible quality.


The start of the millennium brought a large wave of investment for J.J.Louro Pereira Group. The year 2000 began with the inauguration of the new J.J.Louro Furniture Production Unit and initiation of its production of mattress bases. In the following year, 2001, the Group once again invested in growth by opening a Sewing Unit in Muge and by acquiring the company Camag. This investment was bolstered in 2002 through the purchase of another company by the name of Lusomaple Iris and the opening of a new Lusocolchão Production Unit in Santarém. In 2003, J.J.Louro Pereira Group decided to seek out new markets and through its newly created company Miraterra it began making inroads into the civil construction market, partaking in several public works projects. Two years later, in 2005, it inaugurated one more J.J. Louro Sewing Unit in Porto de Mós, thereby increasing the Group’s production capacity.


The year 2008 was very important for J.J.Louro Pereira Group, following the inauguration of the offices of its new headquarters in Amiais de Cima. The new installations represented a new response capacity in facing new challenges through modernization and a constant investment in innovation. Finishing off the decade on a high note, 2009 saw the inauguration of one more Sewing Unit in Porto de Mós, which bolstered already existing infrastructures and created a new response capacity.


With the start of the new decade, J.J.Louro Pereira Group took one more important step on its journey by establishing Lourini and inaugurating a new Sofa Production Unit in Santarém. At the time, J.J.Louro Pereira Group. consisted of six companies present in various markets with the ability to offer a broad range of complementary products and services that included the manufacture and sale of home and office furniture, civil construction and public works projects, and management of real estate assets.


Two production units were inaugurated for plastic and foam in Torres Novas. These two new factories made it possible to produce an even broader range of materials used to make products. Consequently, the Group came one step closer to ensuring the selection and use of the best materials for all of its articles.


This year saw the birth of LOMM, a new J.J. Louro brand that came about through the merger of Camag and Lusomaple. A new mattress base production unit was inaugurated and the mattress production unit was remodelled. The Group is always working on and innovating toward offering a better quality/price ratio.


The beginning of the new decade has brought another opportunity to modernize and re-structure its furniture and upholstery units.
Investment in new technologies is an ongoing philosophy for J.J.Louro Pereira Group, guiding the Group along its path into the future.