A great team, a great family.

As an expanding business group, employment opportunities are constant and the areas of activity diverse. Our team, with more than 1000 people, is not only boosted by its number, but by the relationship of commitment and value that is established daily.

A career with us

Formation: we invest in the expertise of our employees, so that their skills are always stimulated.

Internal Mobility: we enable flexibility in different work areas, offering dynamic professional path options.

Tecnologic innovation: not to replace human resources with machines, but to optimize the quality of work of our employees.


A large structure with several departments.


What do we expect?


Ensuring that we produce and deliver quality products is one of our highest priorities. For this, we select profiles with the range of necessary and ideal knowledge for each function.


Fundamental value to the fulfillment of our work philosophy. We look for people who contribute to maintaining the levels of commitment and pride of the J.J.Louro Pereira Group.


To nourish a good working environment, we take great care in identifying profiles with a collaborative, respectful and humble character.

1100 Employees
57% Women
37 Middle Ages

A group that gives you the opportunity to grow

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