National Coverage

Our portfolio covers more than 1,000 clients across Portugal resulting in a coverage that spans across mainland Portugal from north to south and includes the archipelagos of Madeira and Azores.

Visit a specialty store near you and get to know our catalogue of products, or visit our official Lourini and Lusocolchão expositions.

Exporting to everywhere in the world

Since the 1990s, J.J.Louro Pereira Group has been exporting all of its products all over the world. Our products are successfully transported directly to the stores and distributors of our international clients.

EuropeAfricaRest of the World
SpainMoroccoUnited States of America
EnglandSouth AfricaChina
GermanyAngolaSouth Korea
BelgiumGuinea-BissauSaudi Arabia

Among the Group’s exports we highlight household furniture, sofas, mattresses, and office and kitchen furniture.

Internationally, our products can be found bearing our registered brands Lourini and Lusocolchão or with our clients’ own brands (when they so wish), and with other brands that J.J.Louro Pereira Group markets in other countries.