We aim for excellence in sustainability and environment

A sustainable plan for the future

We constantly invest in production technologies that are more innovative and sustainable, in order to optimize resources and establish long term partnerships with national suppliers and workers, stimulating the economy and employment.


Innovation in the sector

Technology and modernization are seen as a form of optimizing our production techniques and as a means of making them more sustainable.

Partnership with national suppliers

We stimulate the economy and employment by establishing lasting relationships with our partners, which are responsible for 90% of the raw materials used in production (wood, fabric, iron, wire).

Respect for workers

We are proud to say that we are the leading employer in the region of Santarém. We value talent, merit, effort and dedication, regardless of gender, ethnicity or creed and we offer our staff continuing vocational training, offering everyone the same space to grow.

Sustainable materials

We hold ourselves responsible for the daily conservation of our resources and re-usage of the waste ensuing from our production.

Our commitments

Three tiers of sustainable development


Raw Materials

We carefully select the raw materials that we use and we believe in the quality of the work that is performed in Portugal.

We develop lasting relationships with national suppliers that result in 90% of the materials that we use, namely wood, fabric, iron and wire.


Human Resources

The well-being of our team is always one of our greatest priorities. We go to great lengths to create a positive work environment where everyone can be comfortable.

We analyze our clients’ needs and whenever necessary, we renovate our work and complementary spaces.


Innovative Products

We seek to create sustainable products through investment in research and development in new production techniques and use of unique materials.

In so doing, we benefit people, the planet and the sustained growth of our company, as well as responding to the main challenges of today’s society.

Sustainable Initiatives

Activities that allow us to follow through on our commitments to our planet.