Mortuary of Arrimal built by Miraterra

The construction of the new Mortuary of Arrimal, in the Parish Union of Arrimal and Mendiga, municipality of Porto de Mós, was Miraterra’s responsibility.

The new building, located next to the church, in Rua do Casal Novo, presents an updated architecture which fits in with the surrounding urban space.

The concern with the framing of the building in its surroundings also led to the use of indigenous stone in the construction of the ventilated façade.

On the outside, the building includes a car park and a pedestrian walkway. The interior, on the other hand, consists of a large room for a wake, an independent living room with integrated pantry and sanitary facilities also prepared for people with reduced mobility.

Once again, Miraterra is proud to contribute to the creation of a public utility infrastructure that serves the population of Arrimal and Mendiga, providing greater comfort to the community by guaranteeing dignified conditions for the act of mourning.

22.06.2022 | miraterra