Lusocolchão with exhibition areas in Moviflor stores

After Aveiro and Viseu, the trio of Moviflor stores with official Lusocolchão displays is now complete with the latest display of rest products created in the Coimbra store, inserted in the Retail Park of Parque Mondego.

All these stores now have an exclusive area with different models of Lusocolchão mattresses, bases and headboards, where clients can try out the products, get information, catalogs and leaflets or ask questions to the sales staff that has received technical training from J.J. Louro.

The Moviflor brand underwent a profound revitalization and repositioning in 2015, when it was acquired by the Armazém Reis Group, which has rejuvenated the brand by opening new stores and investing in an increasing array of products for the home. Lusocolchão is part of this bet!

14.01.2022 | lusocolchao