Lusocolchão joins Europur’s Annual Conference

Lusocolchão was present in the Annual Conference of Europur which took place at the beginning of June in Berlin, Germany. 

Each year, Europur, the European association of foam manufacturers, brings together its members, together with suppliers and partners, in an event comprised of various information sessions on the foam market and its players, training on current issues and content in the sector and the presentation of new members and trends.

The three-day program culminates in a convivial dinner between partners and competitors, allowing for the sharing of experiences.

This year Lusocolchão was represented at this prestigious event by the chairman of the board of directors Dr. Ricardo Pereira and the production director of the foam unit Eng. Rui Lagoa.

A member of Europur since 2017, Lusocolchão, responsible for TopFoam, a benchmark brand in the flexible polyether polyurethane foam production sector, was the first European company from this organization to simultaneously produce its own foam and mattresses.

An extremely differentiating characteristic from other companies and which demonstrates its vertical and integrated nature, adding value and quality to its rest products.

20.06.2022 | lusocolchao