Quality polyethylene films!

Sanplax is our brand dedicated to manufacturing plastics, more specifically low density polyethylene films for use in various commercial and industrial sectors.

Quality and responsiveness to clients

We created and marketed an extensive line of products with various applications. Our customer portfolio covers various areas, such as industry, agriculture and civil construction, always geared toward quality and the best response to our customers’ needs.

Efficiency, efficacy and creativity

We boast the latest state of the art equipment on the market by the leading brands in the sector, namely machines that print logos on plastic in up to two colours, allowing us to personalize the product of all our clients. We are proud to have the best professionals on the market constantly working toward excellence.

Sustainable production

We seek to exceed market expectations, offering innovative products with the best cost/quality ratio. We create innovative technologies, work systems and responsible and sustainable manufacturing methods, valuing rigour in relation to our society and our planet.

+10 Types of Products
+50 Customers
25 Employees

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Quick and personalized

Requests are managed with the quickest possible service, in order to meet each client’s expectations and needs.

Industrial laboratory

We are constantly researching new and better production methods.

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