A civil construction and public works company

Established in 2003, Miraterra is the Group company that specializes in engineering and construction. It undertakes highly complex projects, while keeping in mind controlled costs, short deadlines and never compromising quality.

Specialization Areas

We have consolidated our position in the district of Santarém, stemming from dozens of construction projects every year that have set the standard of recognized quality, which has led to continued growth on a national level in various areas: public works, individual clients and businesses.

Human Resources

We are a leading organization with a vast team that includes foremen, architects, labourers, overseers, masons, formwork carpenters, metalworkers, depot drivers, and drivers, whose know-how, skill and experience allow us to guarantee a high degree of specialization in terms of construction techniques.

Technical Resources

We have at our disposal a series of technical resources, namely machines and equipment, and we use high quality materials from reputable suppliers with whom we have established a relationship of trust, rigour and courtesy. With their help, we execute any job in an innovative, quick and efficient manner.

10 Specialization areas
50 Employees
+20 Construction/Year

Reference Works

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Business Areas

Find out about all our activities in the sectors where we operate.

Civil Construction

From foundations to finishing, we execute all types of projects and infrastructures. With our vast experience, we guarantee compliance with the most complex and advanced construction techniques.

Urban Parks

We plan, construct and assemble urban and recreational spaces. We adapt projects to specific needs: physical activity, leisure or well-being, whether the structures are simple or complex.

Streets and infrastructure

With a complete solution on offer, we work on infrastructure and outdoor repairs, guaranteeing high quality service to a large number of clients.

Restoration of buildings

Renovating buildings is a challenging business area where we work to implement the best and most up to date reconstruction and maintenance solutions.


Transforming spaces, making them more modern and liveable is one of our specialties. With our complementary teams we undertake all sorts of urbanization projects.

Water and Sanitation

Our specialized teams are ready to meet the most complex needs related to the supply of water and the control and management of water and sewage, ready to work to make infrastructures functional and safe.

Preparation and development of projects

We assess, discuss and plan each project with the greatest rigour, in order to anticipate all needs that may arise and which must be addressed by the time the project is concluded. We therefore create the conditions for projects to be sustainable and fair, both in terms of resources and materials.

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