Your comfort comes first!

As a market leader, for over 20 years Lusocolchão has been fulfilling its mission to ensure your well-being! We look after your needs to offer you the best solutions for your rest and health.

Ergonomics, comfort and adaptability

We offer the best concepts in ergonomics, comfort and adaptability, always with innovative design, a variety of models and cushioning, not to mention our choice of top quality materials supplied by certified companies.

A broad product line and quick response

We offer a wide variety of mattress models, featuring an extensive collection of fabrics, borders, embroideries, bands and fillings that characterize each mattress. Allowing you to choose the mattress that is most suited to you!

Constant evolution

Latest generation materials, investment in new technologies and rigour is our formula for success, and we apply it to all the production phases of our mattresses, which include mattresses with Bonnell springs, pocket springs with independent rest zones, memory foam mattresses, and roll up mattresses.

+20 Years
+900 Models
+1600 Mattresses per day

Give us your measurements and we will put a smile on your face.

Mattresses and bases tailored to our Clients’ needs.

Lusocolchão, the pleasure of sleeping

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